The busy, loud, and colorful markets in Morocco can make some visitors uneasy. Unsure where to start or getting lost in the maze of the markets can be off putting to even the seasoned traveler. Instead of thinking that you have to explore the entire market all in one day, take your time and allow yourself to get lost in the hustle of the city. 

The tips for shopping in Morocco actually start before you even enter the markets. Make sure to dress casual, respect the local customs and don’t parade around with expensive jewelry that makes shop owners think major dollar signs. 

7 Essential Tips for shopping in Morocco

1.) The more you buy the better the deal. Always ask shop sellers what the price would be if you bought more than one. Then, take the price down to that.

2.) Do your research and know quality. If you want a Berber Wedding Blanket, know the difference between wool and cotton when you touch it, and research the artistry a bit before you walk in to buy one.

3.) Don’t hesitate to walk away. If you feel uneasy or unsure, walk away. The good thing about shopping in Morocco is that there are dozens of shops selling the same things. Find a shop that makes you feel comfortable and has the best product.

4.) Don’t like it too much. Or, better stated, don’t SHOW that you like it too much. If a seller sees that you can’t live without it, the price isn’t going to drop that much because he knows you really want it.

5.) If you do really like it, don’t walk away. That said, if you really like it, settle on a price that is comfortable with you and don’t worry about paying a few extra dollars if you really love it.

6.) Haggle/ bargain with shop owners– It’s not disrespectful to haggle. For many Moroccan shop owners, haggling with buyers is half the fun. It’s almost like a game to them. So, take your time, don’t be afraid to bargain and strike a good deal.

7.) Smell the leather if you are buying leather goods. You will be buying leather from cows and camels. Some of the lesser quality leather is soft from a urine coating. It’s not a good thing! The urine smell of lower priced goods usually doesn’t come out- so ask the shop owner for a bag that doesn’t smell. 

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