There are a few iconic shots every Instagram lover has to take when they visit Tahoe South. Of course the photo on the ski lift, declaring your excitement for your first run on the freshly groomed slopes. Another one is your skis (or snowboard) in the fresh powder- bonus points if you snap a shot of someone whizzing through the trees. The sunset shot over the lake is a given- always looks different and beautiful depending on how the light reflects off the lake. We have another one to add to your list: a trail ride via snowmobile. 

With over 45 trails, and views at over 9,000 feet above sea level, you must add snowmobile ride from Zephyr Cove to your Tahoe South itinerary. This is one of the only ways to access some of this remote backcountry AND get incredible lake views from spots your average Instagrammer isn’t going- the cool points are doubled. 

On the average 2 hour tour, you’ll stop twice; the first stop is overlooking the lake (where you’ll nab that aweseme photo) and the final one is in the woods where they serve hot chocolate. 

You can book a group tour or private tour depending on how many people are in your party and all experience levels are welcomed.