Surreal is a word that can be easily used to describe any number of characteristics in Antarctica – the wildlife, the dramatic weather, the icebergs, or simply the feeling of being in this unique environment. With its remoteness and memorable environment there is no other place on the planet quite like it.

Oceanwide Expeditions is one of the leading tour operators to both Polar Regions – offering Arctic and Antarctica cruises. In environments where there is an extremely thin line for survival, safety is paramount; in this case experience is key and the staff are well trained and place  significant time towards keeping passengers safe while ensuring guests have memorable experiences both on shore and off.

A nice feature of an adventure cruise such as this are plenty of outdoor activities are offered allowing you focus on what is of interest to you. Along with numerous photography opportunities, daily activities include kayaking, mountaineering, scuba diving, wildlife watching, hiking and a polar plunge (for those brave or crazy enough to jump into the frigid waters).

For photographers, Antarctica is truly a dream destination. The play of light, color, absence of color and dramatic weather changes – all complement the unique scenery and wildlife.

Here are some select photographs from over 4,000 we took during this 13-day cruise.