China is a country known for steeping its traditions nearly as long as it steeps its tea. Rich in culture and loaded with history, China has managed to create and maintain a culture heavily rooted in celebrating its past and enriching its future. 

One step into a Chinese city and all thoughts of a peaceful countryside and a wise man on a mountain top come crashing down. With more than 14 million people, Shanghai has the market corner as one of the loudest — and busiest — citiies in the world. 

There is hope though. When it comes to finding some quiet time and finding your inner self, sometimes the most unexpected places are the most peaceful in all of Shanghai.

Inside the Oriental Pearl TV Tower
It’s one of the most iconic attractions in the Shanghai skyline, and it’s exactly why you need to experience its 360-degree views for yourself. Each “pearl” on the TV Tower offers a different range of activities for visitors to try. Like always, they save the best for last. The very top pearl features a rotating restaurant with food as amazing as the view. 

At a bar
One of the last places you’d expect to find some peace and quiet is at a bar, but somehow Xinhua Lu manages to feel like a cozy city escape. Lit by candlelight and offering indoor and outdoor patio views, this bar easily melds European and Chinese culture into one.

On the rooftop of the Fairmont Peace Hotel
Become the real life Karate Kid and hone your body’s energy, or chi, with a quick, DIY morning session on the balcony of the Fairmont Peace Hotel. Then, round out the morning with morning massage or a real life jet lag cure from the Willow Stream Spa

In a city park
Images of a smog-ridden China will instantly leave your mind after you’ve spent a morning wandering through the grounds of one of the many city parks in Shanghai. Bursting with classic Chinese architecture and art, finding a city park like Century Park in Shanghai is as simple as going for a walk. If you have time to spare, be sure to go in the morning hours just after rush hour traffic when you can catch a view of the little ones and their grandparents learning Tai Chi in the gardens.