2014 has been an interesting year for travel news with everything from planes mysteriously vanishing straight out of the sky a la Lost to Chicago’s own Card’s Against Humanity designating Hawaii 2 an official vacation destination. While we can’t say we contributed to the chaos, we’d like to take the time to revisit our top 5 travel stories of the year. 

And without further ado…

5. Eat Well, Eat Often.

A great culinary adventure close to home, Jennifer Chong takes us on a tour of the LA farmer’s market, providing a glimpse of the history, charm and tastes of this iconic city landmark. Read the story

4. One Amazing Adventure: Biking from Chicago to Canada

If you’ve ever been to the Windy City, you know biking the 26.2 miles of lakefront is a must. But what about the 150 miles to the Great White North? Kate Silver takes us on her incredible cycling journey  – for charity, no less.

3. Kristin Luna’s one of our Favorite Storytellers, Especially When She’s in Italy.

One of the dreamiest vacations you can take, the beauty of the Amalfi Coast knows no bounds. Jump and jive along the coastal highway as we share our favorite parts of this Mediterranean gem.

2. We Love Pretty Pictures, but even moreso when they’re of New Mexico Landscapes

Ice white dunes, emerald green pools, and everything in between, New Mexico is truly one of America’s hidden gems. From ice caves to tent rocks, discover some of the US’s most other-worldy sites. 

1. Bobby Christian Tells us the One Las Vegas Experience Everyone’s Missing Out On

Sure we’ve all done the Strip and had our fun in Sin City, that’s last year’s news. But the one desert experience everyone’s missing out on may surprise you because it’s a full day adventure.

Have a safe and happy New Year, we look forward to what 2015 brings!