It’s no secret that Utah boasts some of the most beautiful topographical landscapes in the entire United States.

What you may or may not know, though, is that mountain bikers actually have the upper hand when it comes to maximizing those views. Your bike will take you more off the beaten path than a car could and farther than you’d be able to explore on two feet, so to truly get the most stunning sights – do it on singletrack. There’s no way to list all the incredible views Zion and St. George have to offer, but here are some of our favorites and how to get to them:

Most Wildlife and Foliage: Bearclaw Poppy

Bearclaw Poppy is a beginner and intermediate single and doubletrack route near St. George, Utah. With access to panoramic views of the surrounding areas, the trail system provides bikers with incredible rolling terrain to see wildlife and flowers including namesake endangered species the Bearclaw Poppy. It’s likely that you’ll see tortoises and foxes, but keep an eye out for sidewinders, rattlesnakes and maybe even a Gila monster.

Best Sunset Ride: Snow Canyon State Park

With a brilliant red and orange sky reflecting against clay and slabrock, you don’t want to miss a single sunset in Utah. However, the trails and dunes at Snow Canyon State Park promise to take your breath away and are next level epic. Interrupted by intense lava rocks, the red and white Navajo sandstone adds contrast to the shrubs and cacti scattered throughout the trail system creating the perfect setting for an early evening ride. Bring along plenty of water and a headlamp because you won’t want to miss a moment.

Best Canyon Views: Santa Clara River Reserve

With beautifully preserved historic petroglyphs, the Santa Clara River Reserve boasts over 6,500 acres of public lands with stunning rock and cliff features for all levels of mountain biker. The area contains numerous prehistoric sites and protected wetlands near the rivers, streams and impressive canyon that draw nature lovers back year after year.

Most Diverse Terrain: The J.E.M. Trail

This trail is 12 miles roundtrip with both single and doubletrack that will keep you awestruck for hours. The trailhead is located in Virgin, Utah and opens up to speed-filled hardpack, stunning canyons, and some technical climbing on the mesa. The Hurricane Cliffs’ provide bikers with views of rolling terrain, expansive desert, cliffs, and rock formations. With various water features and rivers running through the trail, the foliage and wildlife is guaranteed to be epic. You’ll also pass through rural roads, red and limestone walls, and western, eroded cliffs in typical Southern Utah style. 

Utah’s vast expanses of desert, off-road terrain, and majestic wildlife provide visitors with world-class adventures. Mountain biking is one of the biggest draws to the state and enables you to access remote terrain untouched by modern development. It’s the perfect way to disconnect and escape, marveling at all the natural wonders around you. 

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