This post was produced in partnership with Travel Mindset and Sun Peaks.

When arriving in Sun Peaks, there was a lot of anticipation in the air. I used to frequent the resort in the wintertime, but I had never come to the mountain for any summer activities.

With so many options to choose from, mountain biking, hiking, golfing, paddle boarding, mountain carts, and incredible dining options, we decided we would get a lay of the land and hike through some of the scenic wildflowers that blanket the upper slopes of Tod Mountain and beyond.

On the first day, we loaded the chairlift and watched as mountain bikers traversed the numerous trails that weaved their way down the lush hillsides. Our first encounter with wildlife was as soon as we disembarked from the chair. A young buck grazed amidst the rolling meadow with little care as we strolled by.

We looked at our trail map and decided to hike a few of the trails known to pass through many of the wildflower meadows. They did not disappoint. The sight was truly one to behold — meadow after meadow teeming with a multitude of colour. Indian Paintbrush, Buttercups, Arctic Lupins, and White Yarrow scattered themselves like a kaleidoscopic blanket.

The hiking trails are very easy to navigate and there are numerous opportunities to choose from. For beginners, the Vista trail is a great option. A shorter stroll with little elevation gain, the Vista trail has great views back down towards the Sun Peaks village and many opportunities for wildflower spotting.

For those up for the challenge, the hike up to the summit of Mount Tod is approximately 8km and will bring you past Tod Lake, a perfect place for lunch. The views from the top of Mount Tod are spectacular, and there are more wildflowers along the route to the summit than anywhere else that we encountered. If you choose to stay for sunset, be prepared to make your own way down to the village, as the chairlift closes at 7:00 pm in the summertime.

Another great hiking opportunity, especially on a rainy day, is just a short drive down the mountain from Sun Peaks to Whitecroft Falls. On our second day, we woke to dark clouds and a lot of precipitation, so we decided to check out the short hike. The total hiking distance is less than 1km, and you’re likely to have the whole place to yourself. There are a lot of trees that protect you from the rain, and the views of the waterfall are quite spectacular for such a short hike and minimal effort. After your hike, be sure to head back to the hill for a warm drink and crepe at Tod Mountain Cafe or some delicious sushi at Oya Sushi right in the village.

Overall, our time hiking around the Sun Peaks area was incredible. We encountered a ton of wildlife, friendly staff, and more wildflowers than we could photograph in a lifetime. I would highly recommend spending at least one or two days hiking in the area to truly experience what the mountains have to offer.