Nothing says girlfriend getaway quite like Mont Tremblant, a sweet French Canadian ski village oasis that offers just as many adventures and relaxing excursions in the summer as the winter, and is only 90 minutes outside of Montreal. When my girlfriends and I plan a getaway, we go all out.

Upon arriving at the luxurious Fairmont Tremblant, situated near the top of the hill overlooking the entire village, we dropped off our bags and quickly changed into our hiking shoes and yoga pants for a swift hike up to the top of the mountain.

Passing a waterfall and even seeing a deer feeding off in the distance, we got our heart pumping before reaching the top and taking in the breathtaking sights. The view at the top is unreal, and on this particularly sunny day, the colors of the village glistened in the sun.

We also had a beautiful, unobstructed view of the lake and all the pools at the hotels below. After a little time, we took the gondola back down and changed into our bathing suits to hit the lake.

Instead of getting back into our rental car, we bought an activity pass and rented bikes to take us to the beach at the lake. When we arrived we noticed a large white float in the middle of the lake. Called the Iceberg, this float is actually more like a rock climbing, adventure course, with pulls and small ledges for your feet to go into to reach the top. Once on top, you can jump off or slide back into the lake. As if we hadn’t already worked out enough, we were definitely earning that dessert after this adventure.

Back on dry land, we pedaled back to the resort and dropped off the bikes. Once I was back in my room at the Fairmont, I turned on a bubble bath before getting ready for dinner at Quintessence Hotel about a two-minute walk away.

Quintessence Hotel is an event all in itself. The property is private and every detail is beautifully orchestrated, from the valet to the outdoor patio area. We had dinner reservations about an hour before sunset, giving us the perfect sunset show as dessert arrived.

My friends and I don’t take food recommendations lightly, and the master chefs and servers at Quintessence Hotel had the best suggestions. I ordered the crab bites for the table to start and the stuffed lobster for my dinner. The lobster was out of this world delicious, so much so that even though I ordered the larger portion so I could share with my friends, I ate the entire thing myself. Perfectly complimenting the meal were the wine selections and after such an adventurous day, this was just the attention we needed to relax into our getaway.

Day two of our vacation started a little early, with a morning SUP yoga lesson with Juna Yoga on Lake Mercier. Our instructor, Nadia, was very sweet and took time to explain each move thoroughly. She has a very calming voice that really helped to relax us. For some, getting on a paddleboard for the first time can seem scary, but Nadia reassured everyone and really made the whole experience quite delightful.

After our bodies were stretched out and centered, we hopped in the car for a relaxing spa treatment at Spa Scandinave. I relaxed in the Nordic bath before having a Swedish massage. They offer many different types of massages and even offer day passes to relax and enjoy the property. One friend decided to forgo the massage and just alternated between the Nordic bath, sauna and steam room, finally resting on a hammock overlooking the river. With so many options, you could easily spend the entire day here.

Heading back towards the resort, we stopped for lunch at La Forge, a casual dining experience with delicious food. I ordered the crab sandwich and salad. The crab was thick and fresh and the refreshing salad really hit the spot.

Before we changed for dinner, we relaxed by the pool. Even though Mont Tremblant is in Canada, the summers get quite warm and we were working on a great tan.

Dressed to impress, we headed to the beer tasting at Micro La Diable. This home brewed beer tasting is the perfect start to a wonderful night. I loved learning about the different brews and getting a small tasting of each before making my pick for a pint. If you have large groups, make sure to call ahead for a tasting reservation.

Finally, we hired a car to take us to sEb near the old village for a tapas menu from the world famous chef, Sebastien. We started with Cobia fish sashimi topped with ginger and grapefruit, and chicken liver and arugula. Our entrees were just as impressive, featuring a duck confit, bison rib eye steak and rabbit and snail.

While some girlfriend getaways consist of just relaxing on a beach, my girlfriends and I took full advantage of Mont Tremblant. We wined, we dined, we had adventures and got pampered. If you’re looking for the ultimate escape, check out Mont Tremblant for your next excursion.


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