Dubai is like Las Vegas on steroids.

Gold-plated rooms are real, the police officers really do drive luxury cars, and limits are virtually meaningless; it’s a city of extremes that’s constantly under construction to do itself one better.

Just at a quick glance, the city holds the tallest building that literally surpasses the clouds, a rumored 7-star dining experience, the biggest indoor mountain and man-made ski slope, and it’s even considering a move to build the largest indoor city within an already pretty packed urban area.

It’s all about excess in Dubai. Here’s how to do it big during your one in a million visit.

Stay: Fairmont’s The Palm

The Palm is located on the largest man-made island called Palm Jumeirah. The five-star resort is unlike any other in the world and it’s conveniently located near the best shopping and dining experiences in the extravagant city.  Staying true to the Fairmont experience, The Palm treats its guests to a unique stay, including state of the art guest rooms and amazing cuisine in a stunning location.

Shop: Dubai Gold Souk and Dubai Mall

Walking inside the market of Dubai Gold Souk is like walking into Aladdin’s hidden treasure cave. Dripping with genuine old, diamonds, and jewels, you can barter with the shopkeepers for a stunning souvenir.

On the other side of the spectrum is the world’s largest mall, the Dubai Mall. Boasting 100 million visitors a year and more than 1,200 shops, the Dubai Mall gives the phrase “shop until you drop” to a whole new meaning.

See: Burj Khalifa

You’d be remiss to leave Dubai without taking in the views from the world’s tallest building. The Burk Khalifa comes in at a staggering 160 stories. In fact, it’s said that residents of the building are the first to see the sunrise and the last to see the sunset in the entire world. The elevator ride to the top will be the longest of your life — literally — but the mile-high views are more than worth it.

Eat: Pierchic

You’ve never experienced oceanfront views until you’ve dined at Pierchic. The restaurant, located at the very end of the Jumeirah Pier appears to float on water and serves upscale Mediterranean cuisine like no one else. Said to be the most romantic dining experience in the world, the restaurant also offers astounding views of the Arabic Gulf, the Dubai skyline, and Palm Jumeirah.