Duomo di Siena, Italy

By: Keryn Means


Rising high above the Siena skyline you will see the Duomo di Siena peeking out amongst the buildings. This striped Romanesque-Gothic cathedral was supposed to be the largest cathedral in the world. The transept was completed, along with the east wall, and then the money ran out. You can still see the east wall and climb it for a view of the city, but even more you can see just how monstrous this religious monument was supposed to be. Move inside to take a peek at the Gothic octagonal pulpit. If you visit in the fall you may be able to see the floor tiles, which are usually covered up to protect them. Do not forget to look up. The dome and ceiling arches are just as impressive as the floors and walls. The library is a must, as well as the side chapels, but be sure to just stand and look around in awe at what man was able to create.