Canyoneering is becoming one of the most popular outdoor adventures, and Southern Utah, with its abundance of incredible slot canyons, is the perfect spot to try it. This sport combines rappeling, climbing, and hiking, and is an excellent team building and family friendly activity. 

Our team, both newbies to canyoneering and one who was terrified of heights, headed out to St. George to try it for themselves. 

Outfitted with a harness, helmet and rope bag, the two of them and their guide hiked to secluded area outside of Zion National Park. Shimming through tiny holes in the rocks, they learned how to tie off the ropes and rappel down the canyon walls. Within 30 minutes of the tour and learning how to rappel, our newbies were grinning ear to ear and excited to conquer the next canyon that came their way. There are half day and full day tours through Zion Adventure Company and Red Desert Adventure

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