Since Bernie & the Boys Bistro opened in Drumheller 14 years ago, Bernie Germain (who owns the place with his wife Carol) says that only 15 people have managed to finish one of their epic Mammoth Burgers.

The burger has a pound and a half of meat, and the buns weigh about the same. When you add in all the salad and pickles, the whole thing weighs in at about four pounds.

“Everyone that orders one says that they can do it, but when it gets sat down in front of them it’s a whole different ballgame, suddenly it’s like, WHOA!” says Bernie.

It isn’t just the macho types that try to slay the burger. “We had a 125 pound girl tackle it, and she ate it all in about an hour,” says Bernie, “so we enjoy telling the big guys that can’t finish it that a little girl managed it.”

I ordered a Mammoth Burger, and I could only manage about an eighth of it. There was no way I could pick it up, so I just sliced into it like it was a birthday cake. The beef was tasty, spiced with Bernie’s signature seasoning, and the homemade bun was delicious. I’d recommend the burgers there for sure – but unless there are eight of you ordering the Mammoth, you might just want to get one of their regular sized offerings.

As well as burgers and fries, you can also order pizza (including the Megasaurus, which weighs in at nearly eight pounds and serves eight), subs, wings and lasagne. They have dozens of flavours of milkshakes to choose from, and Bernie and Carol’s entrepreneurial 10-year-old son Andrew has an ice-cream bar selling sweet treats. Because Bernie was a chef in hotels before moving his family out to Drumheller, everything has a bit of a gourmet twist and tastes really good.

Bernie and the Boys Bistro has a great atmosphere and is super family friendly. They are the number one spot to eat in Drumheller and are a not-to-be-missed experience when you are in town.