When America was first being pioneered, explorers took their time getting to the Northwest corner. I think they knew, they needed to save the best for last.

It’s surreal, even now, because Mt. Hood is like stepping onto another planet. Really, it’s one of the last places on Earth where you can feel like you’re forging a new path and seeing it all for the first time.

It’s just that beautiful, especially in the midst of the summer when the wildflowers are in full bloom and the mountain sunsets are a dazzling mix of violets, oranges, and golds.

So what are you waiting for? Here are 20 adventures you have to try ASAP.

1. Mountain biking at Skibowl
Whether you want to try the wooden track course or hit the trails, you’ll still feel like a champ at the end of the day.

2. Tubing the river
The inner tubes you loved using in the snow are perfect for floating the river in the summertime.

3. Kayaking to Willamette Falls
The group tours are too cool to miss. Plus, it’s a super easy day trip within Oregon City.

4. Hiking every inch of Mt. Hood
Need I say more?

5. Whitewater rafting along the Clackamas River
The best whitewater rafting outside Portland is on the Clackamas River. Hold on tight, you’re going for one heck of a ride.

6. Camping in Mt. Hood National Forest
Just you, the great outdoors, and over 60 square miles of the prettiest countryside you ever did see.

7. Watch the sunset from the Columbia River
Truthfully, making a pit stop at the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area is a must for all roadtrippers making their way through Oregon. 

8. Enjoying the hot water at Bagby Hot Springs
These springs are totally worth the one hour drive (from Portland) and the trail hike to get there. 

9. Climb Mt. Hood
Mt. Hood is Oregon’s highest summit and it attracts nearly 10,000 active climbers a year. If you’re already near one of the coolest mountains in the United States, why wouldn’t you give mountain climbing a go?

10. Bungee jumping over the edge
Make your way back to Mt. Hood Skibowl.

11. Skydiving high over Oregon’s Willamette Valley
Confirmed: The ultimate adrenaline rush comes from freefalling 13,000 feet.

12. Test your meddle on the Alpine Slide
The ½ mile slide at The Adventure Park sends you barreling down the mountainside at speeds up to 37 miles per hour. Think of it as the summer version of the luge event.

13. Canoeing on Trillium Lake
It’s one of the most iconic views of Mt. Hood, which means this trip is totally Instagram-worthy.

14. Come home with the catch of the day
The rivers and streams were made with flyfishers in mind.

15. Picnicking in the valley
After a busy day of hiking, biking, and boating, take a few minutes to kick back and smell the wildflowers is exactly what the doctor ordered.

16. Say “cheers” at Fearless Brewing
Happiness is a beer in each hand. 

17. Horseback riding through the mountains
Make the pioneers proud with a ride through the Cascade Mountains.

18. Wine tasting at Buddha Kat Winery
Two locations (Sandy and Seaside) mean there’s twice the fun to be had. 

19. Spend the night in a yurt
Yup, you read that right. Skip the B&B, nix the cabin, and embrace the hipster movement from Portland for a funky night’s stay.

20. Hot air balloon with Rose City Balloons
At the end of the day, you’ve covered the best of Mt. Hood Territory by the ground. Kick it up a notch and see what you missed by soaring above the clouds.

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