No great adventure begins with a mediocre meal and, while we’re at it, no celebratory dinner is a simple salad. 

The folks at Snowmass obviously understand that — they’ve been voted the top resort in all of North America for their dining choices.

Adventure and dining go hand-in-hand when you’re in Snowmass. Heck, if you do it right you can make any meal an adventure of its own. During the winter months, the resort specializes in creating awesome experiences at its peaks. In the summertime, the resort ups its A-game with exclusive experiences in the valleys.

Whether you’re an experienced foodie or a family who wants to go home with a new favorite summer memory, you won’t be disappointed with these only-in-Snowmass dining experiences.

Discover the best of nature without sleeping outside

If you love nature but spending the night in it isn’t exactly your thing, the Blazing Adventures Sunset Dinner is the perfect compromise. The adventure kicks off immediately with a jeep tour by the staff to your dinner location. From there, they’ll serenade you with campfire music and cook up the best meal you’ve ever had by campfire. You’ll stay just long enough to watch the sun go down and the stars come out before heading home to your big, comfy bed at the lodge.

Become a bonafied cowboy (or cowgirl!) for the night

Every Wednesday evening from 5  to 7 p.m. you’re treated to the very best rodeo in all of Colorado with Snowmass Rodeo. Of course, no rodeo is complete without some authentic BBQ though. Convenient for the whole family, you can place your dinner order online as you’re purchasing your rodeo tickets, so you’ll have more time to enjoy the pre-show events (like riding the mechanical bull) and less time missing out on all the fun.

Taste the local produce every Tuesday

It’s called Farm to Table Tuesdays, and it’s hosted by Elk Camp at the very top of the Snowmass Mountain. As if the views and the meals weren’t enough of a reason to go, the menu changes weekly so you’re sure to try to the very best of the chef’s creations each week. Don’t forget to bring the kids either — the gondola rides are free!

Spend a night under the stars — with a s’more in each hand

A campout is something you just can’t do during the winter, which is exactly why you need to experience a full camping experience with the folks at Snowmass during the summer. Between campfire songs, mountain adventures, and the chance to stargaze in the prettiest part of Colorado, they go all out to make it a memorable night for everyone involved. Add in the all-you-can-eat s’mores, campfire dinner, and the early-morning breakfast and you’ll be pressed to find a better mountainside dinner.

Put a spin on dinner and a show

They say to save the best for last, and the Snowmass Balloon & Wine Festival is certainly worth the wait. This year it’s September 18th and 19th. In addition to some superb wine tasting events, you’ll get a great show with live music and a couple hundred of hot air balloons taking flight from sunup until sundown.